Whole foods

Whole foods – the healthier option

Organic foods

Organic foods – certified pesticide free

Natural ingredients

Best quality natural ingredients

Ethical supplier

We are an ethical supplier. All our products are sourced from cooperatives and small producers.

We support fairtrade and by buying from us you are helping sustainable producers in the UK and around the world. You will also be helping to protect the environment as well benefitting your health.

Large range of products

We have access to over 5,000 whole food products that include sustainable wholefoods, ecological household products, cruelty free body care items, convenience foods, ingredients, vegan & vegetarian, demeter, speciality foods and free from. We can supply well known ethical brands such as Ecover, Biona Organic and Equal Exchange.

Social enterprise

We are a social enterprise (community interest company) and as such all profits are reinvested for the benefit of the local community and good causes around the world. Our mission is to improve access to whole foods at reasonable prices, support local growers, reduce food miles and provide training and support for disadvantaged people.

Quality products at competitive prices

We personally know how difficult and expensive it can be to source whole foods, especially if you or a family member needs gluten-free or lactose-free products. We aim to make whole foods more accessible and at a reasonable price, We are not motivated primarily by profit, but by benefitting the community, reducing our impact on the environment and creating a sustainable business.

Featured Products

We supply certified organic products including fresh fruit & vegetables from local organic farms.

We supply many gluten-free products so why not check out our range of gluten-free products in the shop now.

Vegan products are a popular choice and we can supply from a huge range of certified vegan products.

We can supply from a huge range of vegetarian lines so why not check out the choice available in our shop.

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Head Office

Registered Office: 68 Plume Avenue, Colchester, CO3 4PJ | Company No. 10174976 | info@mpower-trading.co.uk

We currently only deliver in the Colchester area so if you wish to order you can ring us on 07969637497 to discuss your requirements. Alternatively you can sign up for our newsletter and we will send you a complete price list and order form. Please use the form on the site to contact us. Thank you Dismiss

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