Our Story

The company is a recent start-up that has grown out of personal experience of the founder and his family. Over the years, various health problems have convinced me that a lot of our health problems are related to the foods we eat. For many years now I have not eaten meat and have tried to eat more fresh fruit & vegetables and less processed food.

This was from both an animal welfare perspective and to cope with ulcerative colitis. More recently, other family members have experienced health problems and been put on special diets by doctors. This has stimulated a greater interest in permaculture, organic farming and whole foods.

Over the years we have also known friends in the whole foods business and others who have shared our interests in Fair Trade, animal welfare and the changing face of our high streets, with the rapid growth in the power and influence of supermarkets. At the same time we have been concerned about the fate of independent traders and our family farmers. For these reasons we have decided it’s time to take matters into our own hands and do something positive in response.

Keep in touch

If you share our concerns and values, or you are looking for sustainable, healthy products that are organic, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, non-GM and Fairtrade, then why not sign up for our newsletter. We plan to soon start deliveries locally (Colchester postcodes) too!

We currently only deliver in the Colchester area so if you wish to order you can ring us on 07969637497 to discuss your requirements. Alternatively you can sign up for our newsletter and we will send you a complete price list and order form. Please use the form on the site to contact us. Thank you Dismiss