National Vegetarian Week 2016





Its National Vegetarian Week 2016 (16-22 May) and there are plenty of reasons why you should consider going vegetarian:

  1. Taste – processed food can lack real natural taste due to use of sugar, food additives and other non-natural ingredients.
  2. Animal welfare – 70% of the 10 million pigs killed in the UK are intensively reared; is this something you are truly happy with?
  3. Environment – going vegetarian is better for the environment. Livestock production is responsible for 70% of the Amazon deforestation in Latin America. There are lots of scientific studies showing that negative impact meat production on the environment.
  4. Health – going vegetarian is better for your health. Numerous scientific studies show that vegetarians are less likely than meat eaters to suffer from type 2 diabetes, heart disease, many cancers and some other medical conditions. Vegetarians are also less likely to be obese and tend to have a lower average body mass index (BMI).

If you would like to know more about the benefits of going veggie for you, animals and the environment, why not visit the Vegetarian website and download some free leaflets here.